Simplify your daily life with the connected video door phone!

No more missed visits and deliveries: with Bticino Class 300X and Class 100X connected solutions, you keep in touch with your home at all times.
I can see who is ringing and I can answer. On the road, on vacation, in the office or even busy at home, I can see my visitor and interact with him/her remotely.

The first connected door entry kit on the market

Don’t miss a delivery

Take calls and open the gate, wherever you are: A package is delivered to me but I'm not at home or I can't find the badge of the gate or a family member forgot his key... No worries, I can open via my smartphone!

Connected door

Turn on the light, turn on the sprinkler:

Even away (on the road or on vacation), I can turn on a light or water the garden directly.

Portiers connectés

Video surveillance:

You can view the images of all the cameras connected to the system, even those of Netatmo.

Connected door

The Class 300X Bticino: Discover our premium solution!

The first connected video door phone on the market has a 7'' touch screen, two finishes, exclusive functions such as call transfer from the entrance panel to the smartphone (or tablet) as well as the display of images from Legrand and Netatmo cameras. The integrated answering machine can deliver the messages left by visitors while I am away directly on my smartphone.

watch video: Bticino Classe 300X video door entry


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Very easy to install

Suitable for both new-build and refurbishment projects, Bticino Class 100X & 300X connected door entry systems are very easy to install, as no extra wiring is required: configuration is just the same as with conventional Classe 300, in other words, conventional wiring with a 2-wire bus.
Similarly, pairing the different items is quick and easy.

Connected door

The standard revisited with the Class 100X:

A 5" screen, buttons for basic functions, configurable buttons to access 4 additional functions (intercom between internal units, opening an additional door, automatic watering...). Install up to 20 internal units in one building without additional power supply!

Watch video: Classe 100 connected

Connected door

Smart solution for your security with the "Easy Kit Connected "

The pack consists of an internal unit, an entrance panel and a power supply. Everything you need to carry out the installation yourself. Then connect the screen to your home's Wi-Fi network and download the Door Entry EASYKIT application free of charge from Google Play and the App Store.

Watch video: Legrand new easy kit connected


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